A gambling company opens a temporary “pop-up casino” to maintain its license


FOX5 VegasThe saddest casino in all of Vegas?

Nevada has a law that requires a gambling company with a casino license to offer games, and if no games are provided for a two-year period, the prized license is forfeited.

So, for just about eight hours this week, a temporary casino was open operating under a white awning. Second FOX5 Vegasthe venue, formerly home to The Beach nightclub at 365 E. Convention Center Dr., briefly put 16 older video poker machines into operation.

The casino, if you can call it that, has attracted some players. Some locals were interested in checking out the strangeness.

The tented casino is on land owned by Marriott International and operated by Century Gaming Technologies, according to the report.

“On May 18, 2023, the Nevada Gaming Commission approved the application by Century Gaming Technologies, a licensed operator of a slot machine location, db at The Beach, located at 365 E Convention Center Dr, for a gaming operation of eight hours to operate 16 slot machines to preserve its grandfather status,” the Nevada Gaming Control Board told FOX5 Las Vegas.

“The place is designed to conduct unrestricted gaming operations without being a resort hotel as required by NRS extension 463.1605. Therefore, grandparent status will expire if no game is offered for more than 24 months from the last day the game was conducted.

According to the report, Las Vegas has hosted a pop-up casino like this 10 times in the past 17 years.

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