Emil Sjogren secures Grand Prix Fall Main Event title by KO


Ladies and gentlemen, the Grand Prix KO autumn edition The Main Event has crowned its champion, and that champion is none other than Sweden Emil Sjogren. The $109 buy-in tournament created 5,123 PartyPoker players a $512,300 prize pool that exceeded the guaranteeand Sjogren got his hands on $47,569 of that princely sum.

Approximately 752 of the 5,123 holders attended the Party Poker virtual heard on October 24 to conclude this exciting event. Team Online Jaime Staples was among them, but our hero could only muster a 213th place.

Of the likes of Diego Cuellar, Michael GattiAND Tom Brouk went deep, even though they failed to make the final table.

Grinder based in Malta Antonio Ortega she was the first victim of the nine-handed final table. She walked away with $5,059 to show for her considerable efforts. Saloua Benalla ($4,036), Mark Elliott ($8,486), Roman Korkin ($8,276) and Manuel Carvalho ($9,014) added to the list of eliminated players, the latter picking up the final four-figure winnings of the tournament.

Fifth place and a whopping $15,124 went to Zachary Hussain of the UK first Friend Bear of Germany finished third for a score of $18,257. Orsos’ elimination left Sjogren heads up against the Czech grinder Jiri Havelena. Both players won over $28,600 from the main prize pool, but the final bounty was over $18,000. That final bounty of $18,842 went to Sjogren after defeating his Czech opponent, meaning the Swede took home a total of $47,569, leaving Havlena to bag a $36,451 consolation prize.

Grand Prix KO Fall Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Village Sizes Prize Total prize
1 Emil Sjogren Sweden $18,842 $28,727 $47,569
2 Jiri Havelena Czech Republic $7,781 $28,670 $36,451
3 Friend Bear Germany $335 $17,922 $18,257
4 Zachary Hussain United Kingdom $3,210 $11,914 $15,124
5 Manuel Carvalho Malta $987 $8,027 $9,014
6 Roman Korkin Estonia $2,474 $5,802 $8,276
7 Mark Elliott United Kingdom $4,342 $4,144 $8,486
8 Saloua Benalla Germany $821 $3,216 $4,036
9 Antonio Ortega Malta $2,500 $2,559 $5,059

Zois survives more than 10,000 opponents

THE $11 buy-in Mini Main Event he drew bafflingly 10,650 subscribers, which created a prize pool of $106,500. That big pot meant that all but one of the nine finalists turned their initial $11 investment into four-figure haul that significantly boosted their bankrolls.

Stuart Liang finished ninth and won $1,079, over $300 more than the eighth-place finisher Aksel Danielsen thanks to the fact that the former won much more from the prize pool than the bounty.

Marco Costa ($1,232), Gustavo Cerejeira ($1,616) and Danil Alves ($1.813) are all from Brazil and were the next three finalists to fall by the wayside. That of the United Kingdom Friend Bernath won $2,718, with Paul Pinto from Malta with a profit of $4,500.

Heads-up pitted Thomas Zois of Greece against the Brazilian Vittorio Virgillo Dagnoni. When the dust settled, Zois had all the chips in play and a total prize pool of $7,913. Dagnoni may have crashed at the last hurdle, but she still took home $6,501 for her bridesmaid finale.

Grand Prix KO Mini Fall Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Village Sizes Prize Total prize
1 Thomas Zois Greece $2,391 $5,522 $7,913
2 Vittorio Virgillo Dagnoni Brazil $995 $5,506 $6,501
3 Paul Pinto Malta $1,064 $3,436 $4,500
4 Friend Bernath United Kingdom $437 $2,281 $2,718
5 Danilo Alves Brazil $279 $1,534 $1,813
6 Gustavo Cerejeira Brazil $523 $1,093 $1,616
7 Marco Costa Brazil $464 $768 $1,232
8 Aksel Danielsen Denmark $154 $597 $751
9 Stuart Laing United Kingdom $606 $473 $1,079

Brazil wins the High Roller title

THE 6-Max High Rollers The event broke its $200,000 guarantee as 773 PartyPoker players created a prize pool of $231,900. About $30,383 of that sum is now in Gabriel De Melo’s account.

Day 2 saw 115 PartyPoker players back in action, including some big names. Such luminaries as Alexander Theologians, Niklas Astedour Matthew Staples, Josh McCullyformer champion of MILLIONS Online Benjamin Chalotand the final table bubble boy Ronan Sweeney saw a return on their $320 investment.

Bruno Alva AND Nicklas Kley-Lunborg they were the first two finalists to withdraw; they raised $5,602 and $5,413, respectively. Of Bulgaria Iven Denev followed suit ($7,606), with the four surviving players now guaranteed more than $11,000 for their efforts.

Ian Modder grossed $11,626 when it fell to fourth, first Csaba Szasz of Hungary claimed the third-place prize of $14,104.

Gabriel DeMelo closed horns with Philip D’Auteuil of Canada in a battle for the title and the lion’s share of the prize pool. D’Auteuil became De Melo’s eighth tournament scalp and had to console himself with an $18,150 consolation prize, leaving De Melo to receive a whopping $30,383 and the title of 6-Max High Roller champion.

Grand Prix KO Fall High Roller Final Table Results 6-Max

Place Player Village Sizes Prize Total prize
1 Gabriel DeMelo Brazil $14,783 $15,600 $30,383
2 Philip D’Auteuil Canada $2,574 $15,576 $18,150
3 Csaba Szasz Hungary $3,579 $10,525 $14,104
4 Ian Modder Canada $4,668 $6,958 $11,626
5 Iven Denev Bulgaria $2,971 $4,635 $7,606
6 Nicklas Kley-Lundborg Sweden $1,865 $3,548 $5,413
7 Bruno Alava Argentina $3,112 $2,490 $5,602

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