Fill your bankroll by knocking down the Clasico


Tournament poker is one of the most exciting formats in the game due to the fact that it allows you to turn a relatively small buy-in into a much larger prize. Thousands of PartyPoker players replenish their bankrolls via multi-table tournaments every week, with many of those poker champions grinding out our amazing daily legends.

Our Daily Legends have been specially designed to be for everyone. They have limited payouts so those with larger bankrolls don’t have a significant edge over “normal” players. Also, late registration does not stay open as long as some of our rivals and the blind structures are designed in a way that allows the Daily Legends to finish in a reasonable amount of time without compromising the average stack size and turning them into a crapshoot.

The Clasico is one of our most popular Daily Legends due to it being at the cheaper end of the buy-in scale, costing $22 to enter. There are also a whole host of satellites entering the Clasico starting at just $0.01! Go to the Clasico in the tournament lobby and click on the “satellites” tab to view those satellites.

The Clasico runs seven days a week and always at 6.30pm BST. The Monday through Thursday tournament has a $6,000 guaranteed prize pool, Friday and Saturday a $5,000 guaranteed prize pool, while the Sunday Clasico boasts an $8,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Everyone in the Clasico sits down with a starting stack of 50,000 and plays for up to eight minutes until a champion is crowned. Those blinds start at 250/500/65a, which means you have 100 big blinds available. If you dust off your starting stack before level 10 ends, you can buy a respawn and give it another go.

Late registration slams shut when level 10 is done and dusted. The blinds are 1,250/2,500/315a at this stage, so even channeling your inner Phil Hellmuth and showing up late will see you entering the Clasico with a stack of 20 big blinds.

The clasico blind structure until the end of the late reg

Level Little blind man Big Blind Doors
1 250 500 65
2 300 600 75
3 350 700 90
4 400 800 100
5 500 1,000 125
6 600 1.2000 150
7 700 1,400 175
8 800 1,600 200
9 1,000 2,000 250
10 1,250 2,500 315

Recent Clasico final table results

One of our recent Friday Clasico Daily Legends attracted 256 players, who created a $5,120 prize pool that exceeded the guarantee. The top 47 finishers received a slice of that pie, and the tournament crowned its champion in just five hours, finishing at 11.29pm BST after starting at 6.30pm BST. This meant that even those who made the final table could be tucked into bed at a reasonable hour – perfect if they had work or chores to do the following day!

“Orelhuda_cwb” was the Clasico champion on June 23rd. They took home a whopping $893 for their efforts. Everyone at the final table won at least $11, which isn’t a bad result for less than five hours of fun and excitement!

Will you become our next Clasico Daily Legends champion? Here is the hope that you will.

Place Player Prize
1 Orelhuda_cwb $893
2 mtsbookchi803 $624
3 Deano_T8 $432
4 L1nopoker $291
5 Ermitanio Mode $213
6 weedlover4i2o $173
7 Topgreen $143
8 Suzi Baki $119
9 r1ch dotcom $100

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