Introduced the online casino account in New York


Lawmakers in New York state will once again try to legalize online casinos. The state already has online sports betting.

Assembly Bill A3634 was filed in Albany and claims that allowing online casinos would not require changing the state constitution.

Both online slots and online table games such as blackjack would be allowed.

“The New York state constitution was recently amended to provide that ‘Casino gambling in no more than seven establishments licensed and mandated by the legislature shall hereafter be licensed or permitted within this state. ‘ It has been, and continues to be, the sense of the legislator that this provision is not violated by a statute authorizing the acceptance of a bet by an individual who bets by virtual or electronic means and the bet is accepted through equipment located within inside a licensed gaming facility; provided that such wager satisfies other safeguards that ensure that the plaintext of this provision is honored in that structure.

The motivation behind the bill is to expand gambling in the Empire State to keep pace with industries in neighboring states.

Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have online casinos.

“Interactive gaming is now legal online in seven states, including the neighboring states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, while only permitted in-person in New York at four upstate commercial gaming facilities and Native American classes III play structures,” the bill stated.

“The legislator hereby notes and declares that an interactive gaming bet placed via virtual or electronic means from a location within the state of New York and transmitted to and accepted by electronic equipment located at a licensed gaming facility, including, at by way of example, a server computer located at such an authorized gaming establishment, is a bet placed at such an authorized gaming establishment, notwithstanding any contrary provisions of the criminal law.

In addition to the online casino proposal, there is a separate measure on the table that would legalize peer-to-peer online poker.

Online sports betting has exploded in New York, winding more than $900 million to state coffers thus far.

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