Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo wins second PGT PLO title


On March 16, 2023, Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo eliminated event no. 5 at the opening PokerGO Tour Pot-Limit Omaha Series, besting a field of 112 entries in the $10,000 buy-in PLO extension event to earn $220,400. Within just a couple of days of that victory, Guerra Cabrerizo fought his way back into the winners’ circle in event no. 7, the $15,000 PLO extension bounty tournament. The Spanish PLO extension specialist took home $228,000 from the main prize pool,

With $448,400 in total earnings in his two wins, Guerra Cabrerizo took the lead in the player’s points race of the series. The of him 463 PGT extension points (235 for event #5 and 228 for event #7) give him a 197-point lead over runner-up Sean Troha. In addition to taking the lead in this series, Guerra Cabrerizo has also moved up to the top five in the standings throughout the season PGT extension points race.

Guerra Cabrerizo also insured 720 Card player Player of the Year points for this recent win. With the 600 he earned from his previous title run, he now sits 63rd in the 2023 all-around POY extension ranking presented by Global Poker.

This tournament was originally meant to take place over the course of two days, but ultimately ended up with a winner in just one day. When the field of 114 whittled down to a final table of seven, Guerra Cabrerizo had a sizable lead with just under half of the total chips in play.

Two-time bracelet winner Robert Cowen (7th – $57,000) was eliminated when his king didn’t play well against Jesse Chinni’s wheel.

Isaac Haxton then busted in sixth place when his flopped middle set collided with Guerra Cabrerizo’s top set. The cooler saw Haxton sent home with $68,400. This was his ninth final table of 2023, with three titles and over $4.6 million in cash. POY extension earnings accrued along the way. As a result, Haxton now sits third in the standings POY extension classification.

Johann Ibanez Diaz was next to fall at the hands of the seemingly unstoppable Guerra Cabrerizo. Diaz moved all-in with a medium double-suited rundown to face Guerra Cabrerizo’s double-suited broadway rundown, who flopped the nut flush leaving Diaz with a near-dead draw. The turn and river were no miracles for Diaz and he busted in fifth place ($85,500).

Jesse Chinni fell short when his set of queens lost to Isaac Kempton’s flush draw and pocket pair. Hearts came in for Kempton and Chini was left with about 17 big blinds. He soon moved all-in with AQ-5-4 rainbow to face bracelet winner Alex Foxen’s double-suited JJ-9-9. Chinni jumped out on a queen-high flop, but a nine on the river gave Foxen the set to win. Chinni earned $102,000 for his second final table of the series.

Foxen’s run ended when his pocket aces ran into Guerra Cabrerizo’s trip threes on the turn. A river void sent Foxen home with $125,400. This was his seventh final table of the year, with $885,160 in cash POY extension earnings and a title won. The latter score was enough to lift him to fifth place in the general classification POY extension classification.

With that, Guerra Cabrerizo took an almost 6:1 chip lead in heads-up play against Kempton. A cooler (full house overfull house) saw Kempton double up after closing the gap early on, but a river flush to Guerra Cabrerizo in another big pot saw him take the lead again.

In the final hand, all the chips went on the river with a board of 10Heart dress7Heart dress3Heart dress7Suit in spades6Heart dress. Kempton showed AClub dress9Suit in spades7Club dress2Suit in spades for travel. Guerra Cabrerizo overthrew KClub dressjClub dress9Club dress8Diamond dress for a ten high straight to secure the pot and the title. Kempton earned $171,000 as a runner-up, the fourth-biggest gross of her career. 2022 wynn million The main event runner-up now has more than $2.8 million in earnings to his name.

Here’s a look at the prizes and ranking points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Earnings POY extension Points PGT extension Points
1 Lautaro Guerra Cabrerizo $228,000 720 228
2 Isaac Kempton $171,000 600 171
3 Alex Foxen $125,400 480 125
4 Jesse Chini $102,600 360 103
5 John Diaz $85,500 300 86
6 Isaac Haxton $68,400 240 68
7 Robert Cowen $57,000 180 57

Photo credit: PokerGO Tour / Antonio Abrego.

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