‘Mad Men’ and ‘Mom’ Actress Beth Hall Takes the World Series of Poker Circuit Tournament


Credit Beth Hall: WPT - Antonio AbregoYou may recognize Beth Hall from her roles in popular and critically acclaimed television shows like Mad Men AND Mom. If you frequent Los Angeles poker rooms, however, you might instead recognize her as the player who takes your chips.

Hall, whose other credits include Parks and recreational spaces, Fraser, HomeAND Curb your enthusiasmhe has logged 35 live tournament cashes over the years, most of which have taken place in the greater Los Angeles area.

His first career win was secured this week during 2023 World Series of Poker circuit festival at the Parkwest Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens. He defeated a field of 166 entries in a $400 buy-in no-limit hold’em event to pocket the $13,885 first prize along with a gold ring.

That was the second-biggest live finish thus far for Hall, who has been cashing in tournaments since 2007. Her biggest payday came when she finished 14th out of a field of 9,807 entries in the $350 buy-in. Social Poker Championships for $24,000. Hall now has more than $84,000 in his career to his name.

Hall started playing poker in his youth, but has really gotten into tournament play in recent years. Card player met her in 2016 to discuss her gaming background and more.

“I started playing poker as a kid with my relatives, mostly draw poker and seven card stud,” Hall said. “I used to play with my aunts and her friends. We’d have what was called a $2 schneid, which meant you couldn’t lose more than $2 (laughs). Once you were out of your $2, you could play for free until you ran out of money.

Hall was the only female player in her college home game and has said in interviews that she is no stranger to 24-hour sessions at the poker table.

“Like everyone else, I got into the hold’em buzz when you could see hole cards on TV and really understand it. My husband and I started playing $2 limit and worked our way up to no-limit, and eventually got into tournaments.”

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Below is a look at payments and Card player Player of the Year points awarded at the final table thanks to Hall’s recent win:

Place Player Earnings POY extension Points
1 Beth Sala $13,885 125
2 Cory Ryan $8,585 104
3 Jason Thomas $5,985 83
4 Scott Shannon $4,275 62
5 John Zentner $3,125 52
6 Michael Ung $2,345 42
7 Altynai Fung $1,805 31
8 William Vanderburg $1,430 21
9 Ara Abkarian $1,160 10

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