Nevada considers state lottery proposal


Nevada is one of only five states in the country without a state lottery, but that would change with a proposal in the works.

Currently, Nevada, Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii and Utah all lack a state lottery. Democratic Congressman Cameron “CH” Miller last week announced that he would introduce a plan to amend the Nevada constitution to allow for a lottery. Voters would determine their fate.

The state’s casino industry has historically opposed a Nevada lottery due to competition for gambling dollars. The possibilities of the proposal are unclear.

“The past few years have shown us how critical mental health care is and that our current infrastructure is woefully inadequate,” Miller said in a statement. “This constitutional amendment authorizing a lottery and directing revenue to fund youth mental health is a common-sense solution that will help the many young people in Nevada who are battling mental health challenges, just like I did as a child.”

“Right now,” he added, “we are sending millions of dollars across borders to neighboring states. It’s time to fully invest in the citizens of Nevada and pass this constitutional amendment.”

Culinary Union secretary-treasurer Ted Pappageore has spoken out in support of the proposal, calling a lottery “an opportunity to create a long-term funding source directed towards mental health capacity building, without raising taxes on residents or on Nevada businesses”.

“The union,” he continued, “will launch a campaign to get voters to support the lottery amendment. We look forward to working with Assemblyman Miller on this vital effort. In a state where gambling is the cornerstone of the economy, there is no law and order rationale” for Nevada to run out of a lottery.

Gambling in Nevada has never been bigger.

Nevada casinos reported total gaming winnings of $1,314,478,876 for the month of December 2022. Revenue was up 14.30% from December 2021, when licensees reported gaming winnings of $1,314,478,876. 1.149.986.166. The performance brought calendar year 2022 gaming winnings to $14,842,230,000, an increase of 10.52% from calendar year 2021.

It was also an all-time high for the Nevada casino industry. The game win of $13,429,949,000 in 2021 was the previous record.

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