Nick Schulman wins fourth career World Series of Poker gold bracelet


Nick Schulman went head-to-head on a roller coaster to emerge victorious in 2023 World Series of Poker $1,500 Seven Card Stud event. The win saw the 38-year-old poker pro from New York earn $110,800 and fourth WSOP gold bracelet of his career. He became just the 68th player to win four or more championships at the WSOP.

“Four [bracelets] it means a lot. It doesn’t escape me that I’ve accomplished a few things and I’m still here. It means a lot,” the High Stakes Poker commentator told PokerNews reporters after coming out on top.

Schulman wore retro visor-like sunglasses and chewed on an unlit cigar for much of the final table. Schulman had the following to say about the style choice:

Nick Schulman and his stoagie“I just decided to throw him back for Stud. A tribute… you know, let’s play fast and have some fun.”

After cashing this event, Schulman now has more than $15.6 million in total tournament earnings, with his four bracelets and a Poker World Tour main event title as his main wins.

This latest title run saw him overcome a field of 360 entries and a stacked final table that included the likes of five-time bracelet winner Shaun Deeb (5th – $23,476) and four-time bracelet winner John Monnette ( $32,828).

Schulman took a nice lead in heads-up play, but busted out on seventh street in some big pots, which led to runner-up Andrew Hasdal taking the lead. In one instance, Schulman’s set of threes was beaten by two pair that eventually became a full house for Hasdal. Schulman managed to bet his sets correctly to preserve a crucial big bet in that case.

Schulman retook the lead, only to see Hasdal’s buried jacks improve to sets in seventh to outrun his split kings. Schulman held the lead after that pot, managing to extend his lead as heads-up play progressed. It looked like he was about to seal the win when Hasdal put his last chips into fifth street with pocket kings, while Schulman had already made a nine-high straight. Hasdal hit running cards to make a full house and keep his hopes alive, winning the sizable pot in shocking fashion.

Schulman held the lead after the hand, but only for a few big bets. However, he managed to recover from the hand and was able to extend the lead once again. In the final hand, all the chips went all-in on fifth street with Schulman holding jacks against a flush draw and straight with overcards from Hasdal. Schulman’s hand held up, improving to a full house that secured the pot and the title.

Hasdal received $68,479 as a runner-up, the tournament’s highest mark on his resume.

Here’s a look at the payouts and Card Player of the Year points awarded at the final table:

Place Player Earnings POY extension Points
1 Nick Schulman $110,800 600
2 Andrea Hasdal $68,479 500
3 Hojeong Lee $46,912 400
4 John Monette $32,828 300
5 ShaunDeeb $23,476 250
6 DJ Buckley $17,166 200
7 Tim Frazin $12,839 150
8 Thiptinnakon card $9,829 100

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Winning photo credit: WSOP / Rachel Kay Miller.

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