Phil Hellmuth brings the circus with him in the latest entry into the World Series of Poker Main Event


Over the years, Phil Hellmuth has been accused of creating a show during his typical delay World Series of Poker main event entrances. This year, the poker brat has thrown himself fully into the circus, taking on the persona of “The Greatest Showman” and bringing a taste of the big top to the Las Vegas Strip.

Hellmuth, who is less than a week away from his career-high 17th bracelet win, entered the Day 1D main event dressed as PT Barnum. He was accompanied by 17 models, plus Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates in a one-piece lion costume being dragged around a cage as Katy Perry’s Roar played by the speakers.

The dramatic entrance drew mixed reviews from the poker community. While some acknowledge that Hellmuth’s antics undoubtedly contributed to the growth of the game, others think it goes too far when it interrupts the game.

Hellmuth has been attending the main event in costume for more than a decade. Some of his past characters have included Julius Caesar, a war general, a boxer, a giant child, Gandalf from Lord of the RingsThor from The AvengersDarth Vader from Star Warsit’s a NASCAR driver who actually crashed a car in the Rio parking lot.

Cates is also no stranger to wearing a costume to the dinner table. Just two weeks ago he entered the $50,000 Poker Players Championshipa tournament he won twice in a row, dressed as the Terminator.

The main event has already attracted a record field of 9,300 and counting, with registration still open on day 2.

While Cates busted late, Hellmuth had a productive day at the tables, stripping off his suit and finishing with 108,500. However, the PokerGO broadcast caught one of his patented rants.

*Photo courtesy of PokerGO

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