Phil Hellmuth wins US Poker Open event with straight flush


Phil Hellmuth won 51 Hall of Fame titles in his career, including a record 16 World Series of Poker gold bracelets. One tour where he failed to secure a title, however, was the one focused on the high rollers Tour of PokerGO. On March 29 Hellmuth scratched a PGT extension win her to-do list in style. Hellmuth dominated final day of last $10,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em event to 2023 U.S. Poker Open in less than two hours before dragging the last pot with a six-high straight flush.

The flashy final hand saw Hellmuth pick up a USPO golden eagle trophy and the grand prize of $211,200. The score increased the 58-year-old’s lifetime tournament winnings to more than $25.3 million.

Hellmuth also earned 480 Card player Player of the Year indicates as the champion of this event. This was his first POY extension-Cash of the Year Qualified. The 211 PGT extension the points that came along with the title were enough to propel Hellmuth to sixth place in the series’ points race, when combined with the 19 he earned for a 12th-place finish in event #2. 3 of USPO, which was another $10,500 NHL extension deal. His 230 point total also put him within reach of the top 40 overall in the standings throughout the season PGT extension classification.

Jeremy AumusThis event took place over the course of two days at Poker GO Study inside AIR Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Day 2 started with just seven players left of the 88 players registered. Five-time bracelet winner Jeremy Ausmus held the chip lead early on, with bracelet winners Jesse Lonis and Hellmuth sitting in second place.

Four times Poker World Tour main event winner Darren Elias was first to fall when his A-5 suit collided with Ausmus’ AK suit. Elias hit a backdoor flush draw, but a brick on the river saw him eliminated in seventh place ($44,000).

USPO $10,500 pot-limit Omaha event winner Allan Le made it to this final table just one day after winning his first PGT extension trophy. His back-to-back streak ended in sixth place when his AQ suited couldn’t beat Hellmuth’s pocket sevens. He earned her $52,800 for his efforts.

Moments later Hellmuth picked up AK suitable against Aram Oganyan’s AQ. All the chips went all-in preflop and Hellmuth flopped a king to extend his lead into the hand. He held on until the river to eliminate Oganyan in fifth place for $70,400.

With that Hellmuth overtook Ausmus as the chip leader. He soon added to that lead when his AJ came out from behind to George Wolff’s AQ. Hellmuth hit a jack on the turn and then ducked outs to bust Wolff in fourth place ($88,000).

Lonis doubled up against Jeremy Ausmus in early three-handed action, but Ausmus doubled up again leaving Lonis on the short stack once again. He ended up moving all-in for his last 14 big blinds with A-3 on the button. Hellmuth called with KJ from the big blind, and a king-high runout finished Lonis’ tournament in third place ($105,600).

Heads-up play began with Hellmuth holding 6,820,000 to Ausmus’ 4,180,000. The pair played heads up with a WSOP bracelet on the line in 2021. Ausmus came out on top that time, winning the $50,000 buy-in pot-limit Omaha event for nearly $1.2 million.

Ausmus got off to a strong start and was even able to bluff Hellmuth on a rivered set on a board with three spades and four straights. Moments later, Hellmuth raised all-in with ace-high on Ausmus’s check-raise with queen-high and some backdoor outs. Ausmus was forced to fold his hand, sending Hellmuth a big pot.

The final hand began with Hellmuth leading by about 7:4 over Ausmus, who limped in for 50,000 from the button with QueensClub dress10Diamond dress. Hellmuth checks with 6Club dress2Club dress and controlled dark. The flop came 10Club dress5Club dress4Club dress to make Hellmuth blush. Ausmus bet 100,000 with his top pair and his flush draw with queen high. Hellmuth raised to 500,000 with his flush and Ausmus re-raised to 1,050,000. Hellmuth shoved and Ausmus called.

The turn brought the 3Club dress to give Hellmuth an unbeatable six-high straight flush, ending the sweat and guaranteeing him the title. Watch the final hand video posted by Poker GO on your Twitter account.

Ausmus earned $149,600 as runner-up. This was already his ninth final table of the year. With $774,772 in POY extension earnings, it now sits in 16th place in 2023 POY extension race sponsored by Global Poker. Ausmus also insured 150 PGT extension points and is currently 12th in that league table.

Here’s a look at the prizes and leaderboard points awarded on Day 2:

Place Player Earnings POY extension Points PGT extension Points
1 Phil Hellmuth $211,200 480 211
2 Jeremy Aumus $149,600 400 150
3 Jesse Lonis $105,600 320 106
4 George Wolff $88,000 240 88
5 Aram Oganyan $70,400 200 70
6 Allan Le $52,800 160 53
7 Darren Elias $44,000 120 44

Photo credits: PokerGO / Enrique Malfavon.

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