Save big on Jonathan Little’s Advanced Tournament Poker Course


The best poker players in the world are constantly working to improve their game. Six?

If your results have been disappointing and you’re looking to level up, now is the time with big savings from doubles Poker World Tour the training site of champion Jonathan Little.

For a limited time, is offering Card player readers 30 percent off the cost of Advanced tournament course, which Little backs with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t at least double your investment, you can get a full refund!

The advanced course of the tournament (ATC extension) features not only new material from Little, but elite poker masterminds like Brock Wilson, Jonathan Jaffe, Justin Saliba, Matt Affleck and Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau. This course uses cutting-edge data to create effective content GTO extension concepts that will help you beat live and online tournaments.

With this course you will learn…

– Bet sizing concepts
– Deep adjustments
– Mastering multi-way pots
– Adjustments and exploits
– Head to head strategy
– How to use advanced tools
– Final table ICM massacres
– High-Stakes Final Table Reviews

Check out almost 90 minutes of previews Here.

If that weren’t enough, Little is sweetening the pot with three BONUS Also.

Bonus 1 – Buy the ATC extension during this promotion, and you will also receive three FREE months of premium education from Premium members have access to all 180 Little’s Tournament Masterclass lessons, over 1,800 interactive manual quizzes, thousands of GTO extension preflop charts, more than 700 video lessons and much more.

Bonus 2 – Little closed his inner circle coaching program, which involved one-on-one training with a handful of students over the past five years. However, those who get the ATC extension they’ll also get all 226 hours of Inner Circle video to review.

Bonus 3 – Finally, with a FREE one year subscription to PokerGO, ATC extension students will be able to see their coaches in action. Maybe one day they might even make it to Vegas to play on PokerGO themselves!

Check out the Advanced tournament coursenow 30% off and get your bonus content today!

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