The MILIONS Online KO Series rolls into action


The latest edition of the PartyPoker MILLIONS Online KO series is underway and the big scores are already on the way. Dozens of tournaments have crowned their champions, including the thrilling MILIONS Online KO Opener and Sunday Party; both broke their guarantees.

The opening weekend also saw the first flight for the $530 buy-in $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event. All in all, it’s been a busy few days at PartyPoker. These are the results of the biggest events so far.

Odeen cuts down the opening

Approximately 873 players entered the $162 MILLIONS Online KO Opener for $162, creating a guaranteed prize pool of $130,950. Of these rookies, 132 advanced to Day 2 with a minimum prize of $156 to show for their efforts, plus any bounties collected along the way.

When the final table was set, and with those precious bounties included, none of the seven PartyPoker players at the final table won less than $1,807, with the top two finishing cashing in five-figure sums.

Vyacheslav Balayev was the first finalist to fall ($1,807) before he was joined by Callum Gordon ($2,665), Allison Luan Lima Eleres ($3,768) and Robertas Gordanas ($4,456).

The opener moved to heads-up when Mexican star Dominik Siegl was out in third place ($6,526), ​​leaving Swedish grinder Jerry Odeen in heads-up against Brazilian Elvis Renan.

Renan had eliminated 14 opponents on his way to heads-up with Odeen, but failed to register that all-important 15th and had to settle for a maid of honor finish. Second place, including bounties, weighed in at a whopping $12,934, leaving Odeen to be crowned the MILIONS Online Opener Champion, an accolade that came with $17,006 in prize money.

MILLIONS Online KO Opener Final Table Results

Place Player Village Sizes Prize Total prize
1 Jerry Odien Sweden $8,338 $8,668 $17,006
2 Elvis Renan Brazil $4,279 $8,655 $12,934
3 Dominik Siegl Mexico $687 $5,839 $6,526
4 Roberta Gordonas United Kingdom $601 $3,855 $4,456
5 Allison Luan Lima Eleres United Brazil $1,204 $2,564 $3,768
6 Callum Gordon United Kingdom $705 $1,960 $2,665
7 Vyacheslav Balayev Mexico $435 $1,372 $1,807

Let’s go! Da Silva demolishes the Sunday Party

PartyPoker players were in force for the MILIONS Online edition of the Sunday Party. When the late registration closed, there were 1,620 entrants, meaning the $150,000 guarantee was exceeded by $12,000.

Five of the nine players who fought their way through shark-infested waters to reach the final table of the Sunday Party were from Brazil, so it wasn’t surprising to see Brazil’s famous green and yellow flag displayed next to the future champion.

Going into the final table, a trio of Brazilians fell by the wayside. Johnathan Wolter ($1,817), Raphael Perfeito ($3,993) and Joao Gabriel Stazite ($1,825) headed into the night.

Blair Payne ($2,625) of the United Kingdom joined the list of eliminated players, with Sweden’s Emir Borovac ($4,913) joining the Briton. Fourth place and $5,906 went to Brazilian Danil Pires Martiani before Bulgarian Boyan Toshev ($7,586) finished third, leaving Andrey Luis Da Silva in a one-on-one battle with Denmark’s Cosmo Bendtsen.

The Brazilian defeated the Dane heads-up and cashed a whopping $17,389 for the win, leaving Bendtsen with $10,263 for his second-place finish.

MILIONS Online KO Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Village Sizes Prize Total prize
1 Andrej Luis Da Silva Brazil $8,248 $9,141 $17,389
2 Cosmo Bensen Denmark $1,138 $9,125 $10,263
3 Boyan Toshev Bulgaria $1,698 $5,888 $7,586
4 Danil Pires Martians Brazil $2,024 $3,882 $5,906
5 Emir Borovac Sweden $2,276 $2,637 $4,913
6 Blair Payne United Kingdom $614 $2,011 $2,625
7 João Gabriel Stazite Brazil $362 $1,463 $1,825
8 Perfect Raphael Brazil $2,287 $1,166 $3,993
9 Jonathan Wolter Brazil $901 $916 $1,817

Brombin claims the chip lead of the MILIONS Online Main Event

Day 1A of the $530 buy-in $500,000 guaranteed MILIONS Online KO Main Event saw 210 entrants shrink to a more manageable 32. Among those 32 survivors is our Team PartyPoker star Jaime Staples. Staples cashed 5,158,107 chips, which is enough for 15th place right now.

Also Jonathan Van Fleet (5,571,344), Ioannis Angelou Konstans (9,027,336), MILLIONS Online KO Opener champion Jerry Odeen (9,354,655), Patrice Brandt (9,999,370), Steven Van Zadelhoff (12,561,583) and the chip leader Paulo Brombin (22,722,425).

Day 1B kicks off at 19:05 BST on 14th May. Remember, you can win $530 seats via our satellites, which start at just $0.01, or via our MILIONS Online edition with a $20 buy-in.

There are 25 spots guaranteed in the finals of Day 1B at 17:00 BST on May 14th. There is no direct buy-in to this satellite, although the maximum amount you will pay to attempt to enter is $16.50. Good luck!

MILLIONS Online KO Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Village Sizes French fries
1 Paul Brombini Brazil $875 22,722,425
2 Christian Barta Hungary $1,187 19,265,232
3 Steven Van Zadeloff Malta $625 12,561,583
4 Patrice Brandt United Kingdom $875 9,999,370
5 Erik Tam Sweden $437 9,554,183
6 Jerry Odien Sweden $687 9,354,655
7 Rusu Nicolaie United Kingdom $250 9.247.201
8 Ioannis Angelou Konstas Ireland $562 9,027,336
9 Marc-Antoine Plaisance Canada $250 8,238,563
10 Yasemin Murat United Kingdom $906 7,601,068

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