The money bubble burst on Day 4 of the 2023 World Series of Poker Main Event


The monetary bubble officially burst in 2023 World Series of Poker $10,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event. The tournament had a record attendance of 10,043 entries this year, creating a prize pool of $93,399,900 to be divided among the top 1,507 finishers and $12.1 million for the eventual winner. Now, moving into day 5, only 441 are left with a shot at becoming this year’s world champion.

Day 4 started with just 1,517 players left, meaning it only took 10 eliminations to make the money. It didn’t take long for melee play to arrive. The bubble finally burst nearly two hours after the cards went air thanks to three eliminations in a single round: Yueqi Wang flopped pocket aces against quadruple sixes, Peter Nigh lost a flip with AK suited against pocket queens and Jeppe Bisgaard found himself on the receiving end of the most brutal preflop cooldown with pocket kings against pocket aces.

The three eliminated players split the $30,000 prize pool that would have gone to the top two to enter the money, each taking home $10,000. There was then an upset for a vacant seat in next year’s main event, which was won by Bisgaard. With that, the remaining 1,505 players locked up at least $15,000 each.

More than a thousand contenders cashed before the action was halted for the night. When the dust settled, bracelet winner and Poker World Tour champion Ryan Tosoc emerged as the chip leader on day 5. 2018 WSOP The winner of the $1,000 buy-in online event eliminated David Eldridge late in the evening, pushing him to a final stack of 5,120,000. 2017 WPT Five Diamond World Classic Poker the main event winner has more than $5.3 million in previous tournament winnings and is well positioned to add to that total in a big way with a deep run in this event.

Nikita Luther on Day 4 of the 2023 WSOP Main EventOther notables who have amassed huge stacks include bracelet winner Mitchell Halverson (5,100,000), bracelet winner Gabi Livshitz (3,800,000), 2010 WSOP main event runner-up and bracelet winner John Racener (3,710,000), Nicholas Rigby (3,655,000), bracelet winner Nikita Luther (3,550,000), three-time bracelet winner and WPT champion Chance Kornuth (3,200,000) and bracelet winner Raj Vohra (3,100,000).

There are now only two previous champions of this tournament still in contention for a second main event title: 2005 winner Joe Hachem (1,485,000) and 2003 winner Chris Moneymaker (435,000).

Full chip counts for the remaining 441 contenders can be found by clicking HERE.

Previous champions who went out on Day 4 included 2009 winner Joe Cada (1,358th – $15,000), 2006 winner Jamie Gold (1,082nd – $17,500), ten-time bracelet winner and two-time main event champion Johnny Chan (1,067th – $17,500) and 2017 winner Scott Blumstein (782nd – $25,000).

Among the 1,064 players eliminated on Day 4 were content creator and chess player Alexandra Botez (1040th), six-time bracelet winner Jason Mercier (940th), two-time bracelet winner Justin Saliba (781 °), two-time bracelet winner Barny Boatman (676th), three-time bracelet winner Doug Polk (674th), bracelet winner and two-time Card player Player of the Year winner Stephen Chidwick (606th), five-time bracelet winner Michael Mizrachi (596th) and high-stakes cash game regular Patrik Antonius (587th).

David Botfeld finished 1,166th for $17,500. His daughter Amanda Botfeld, author of A girls guide to poker, he joined him in the cash on day 4 and is still in contention with 910,000. Card player he joined the Botfelds, who made it to the final table WSOP tag team event together in 2021, to know the experience of cashing the biggest WSOP main event ever held.

The final 441 players will return for day 5 at noon on Tuesday July 11 with blinds of 10,000-25,000 with an ante of 25,000 big blinds for level 22. The average stack of 1,366,394 will represent just under 55 big blinds when the action will resume.

Here’s a look at the top ten stacks ahead of day 5:

Rank Player Chip count
1 Ryan Tosoc 5,120,000
2 Mitchell Halverson 5,100,000
3 Aditya Sistla 5,075,000
4 Scott Berko 4,700,000
5 Bradley Moskowitz 4,145,000
6 Juan Maceiras Lapido 3,985,000
7 Jon Cohen 3,815,000
8 Gabi Livshitz 3,800,000
9 John Racener 3,710,000
10 QuanZhou 3,705,000

Remaining winnings up for grabs in 2023 WSOP main event:

Place Payment
1 $12,100,000
2 $6,500,000
3 $4,000,000
4 $3,000,000
5 $2,400,000
6 $1,850,000
7 $1,425,000
8 $1,125,000
9 $900,000
10-11 $700,000
12-13 $535,000
14-17 $430,200
18-26 $345,000
27-35 $280,100
36-44 $229,000
45-53 $188,400
54-62 $156,100
63-71 $130,300
72-80 $109,400
81-89 $92,600
90-98 $78,900
99-161 $67,700
162-224 $58,500
225-287 $50,900
288-309 $44,700
310-350 $44,700
351-413 $40,000
414-476 $37,500

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