WATCH: Poker Pro wins prop tennis bet with a frying pan


Buried in the news from Matt Berkey and Nikhil Arcot’s ongoing feud, two other pros have reunited for a much more friendly high-stakes match, albeit one that took place on the tennis court.

It was an old-school throwback bet between Dan Smith, who is eighth on the all-time money list with over $41 million in career tournament earnings, and Poker World Tour champion Markus Gonsalves, who is fresh off a $585,000 win in the PokerGO study during the No bets, no future million dollar cash game.

The two pros met at a Las Vegas tennis court last week for a one-set match, only Gonsalves, who is the better player, would be forced to play holding a frying pan instead of a racket. The two had played before, with Gonsalves winning using only his left hand.

Despite the equipment disadvantage, Gonsalves won once again, beating Smith 6-2. The only changes he made to the pan were duct tape on the handle.

You can watch the full match below, recorded by Allan Fan.

Smith teased the possibility of a rematch in a month, prompting Gonzalves to joke that maybe next time he would try playing with a baseball bat.

Gonzalves continued to gloat the next day, tagging Smith with a tweet that showed him cracking eggs with his makeshift “racket.”

Smith quickly shrugged off the loss, however, winning the $25,000 buy-in high roller at U.S. Poker Open just a few days later for $400,000. Lui then finished fifth in the $50,000 event for another $150,000.

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