WATCH: The accused poker cheater reappears and is slowed down at the final table


Mike Postle In 2008The Million dollar heater the main event took place in Biloxi, Mississippi this weekend with 1,074 entrants in the $1,200 buy-in tournament.

One unwanted rumor, however, belonged to the much-maligned Mike Postle, who was accused in 2019 of cheating in a live-streamed cash game at Stones Gambling Hall in California.

Even though Postle was acquitted by a prosecution judge, it did little to help him in the court of public opinion. Most who have seen the evidence overwhelmingly believe Postle is guilty, making him a pariah in the poker community.

As a result, Postle was away from public poker games for three years. Or at least he wasn’t recognized.

Sunday night at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, some players noticed that a player named Michael Lawrence looked an awful lot like Mike Postle, even though he was wearing a mask. As it turns out, Lawrence is Postle’s middle name.

Postle was in the running for the top prize of $208,400, but eventually exited in seventh place for $32,703. While many of his fellow players were annoyed to see him score a big payday, his outing was satisfying to watch.

Postle moved all in on a flop of 6Suit in spades 5Club dress 4Heart dress with pocket tens, only for his opponent Brock Gary to think. Gary didn’t have a real decision, however, as he flopped top set.

Finally he called, revealing the slow roll. There was no ten on the turn or river, and Postle busted, prompting some comment from the table and rail.

“That’s for all the cheating you’ve done,” someone said.

Postle was alleged to have won over $300,000 through nefarious means. Various theories have been proposed, including electronic aids to help him know his opponent’s hole cards or the outcome of a hand before it is over.

Despite the statistically unlikely win rate shown by Postle, outright cheating could not be proven. In September of 2020, however, 60 of 88 plaintiffs in a lawsuit accepted an undisclosed settlement from the casino.

Stones Gambling Hall tournament director Justin Kuraitis, who handled the live stream, was also accused of being an accomplice to Postle. Stones Live Poker has not been streamed since then.

Brock Gary, the slow roller, was rewarded by cutting the Million dollar heater event for $144,380 alongside Jeremy Eyer and Kooroush Gahedi, who took credit for the win.

*Recent Postle photo by Max Young

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